Working with professional models

I run Photography & More, but I am also a amateur photographer, I take all subject of photography, Landscapes, still life, portraits anything that takes my fancy

However I soon got into portraits and love it, I did some shoots with amateur models which are great, many are very easy work with, and able to pose very well.


However I was encouraged to work with a couple of professional models, wow what a change to work with a  professional model. they flow from pose to pose allowing you to concentrate on the camera settings, lighting if in a studio, and obtaining the photograph you want, nothing is too much trouble, they happily wait while you change set ups in the studio, or you want to use a couple of venues that are close  but require a short walk to get to.

First professional model I shoot with was Jasmine High, we did a Victorian wedding dress shoot on location and then a studio shoot with a library  theme. Jasmine came with so many outfits all the things we had chatted about and more. she knew what sort shots we were after and we started in a church just around the corner from me, I had some ideas and Jasmine came up with some too which was so nice. We got some fantastic shots. Virtually every shot taken was a good shot. In the end I had over 800 shots.

The second professional model I worked with Aurora Phoenix, this was a studio shoot,  IThad a few ideas and Aurora wanted to do some Latex shots so we combined the two ideas in one shoot.

Auroa was chatty and soon showed me outfits she brought, again she had brought so many we did not mange to shoot in all of them. We soon settled down to do the shoot I wanted some with a fake window, the fake window was ready set up when Aurora arrived at the studio. We started with a teal latex dress, we had a few props to use, rope and chain to create a different look. we also did some lingerie photos and also a bubblegum latex dress this was a bit different. She also had a black catsuit with a corset we did some shots with colored gels for this outfit.














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