Photographer Graeme Rogers

Hello I hope I find you all well I’ve been asked to do this bio although I’ve been told I like to talk a lot. Something i’m not good at talking about is myself, anyway here goes.







I’m Graeme I wasn’t in to photography until many years ago now my son asked me to take a photo of him diving across his goal when he played football at the time I was all about making videos so I just had a point and shoot camera wasn’t up to job of getting the photos he wanted so I got my first DLSR camera it was a Sony SLT A35 still thinking I would use it more for making videos unfortunately it just stopped work the shop replaced it with a Sony SLT A58 I still had little interest in photography but it was growing on me that was around 2012ish fast forward to 2018 I was asked to photograph a friends wedding which I was told it would be summer 2020. I wasn’t good enough to do something like that at the time so I knew I had to get a lot better

Feb 2019 my friend told me they have brought the wedding forward a little bit to July 2019 I had to get from a fella that just took photos of football matches with a little interest in photography to being good enough to photograph a wedding in 6 months what I did was watch every you tube video Mike Browne had on his on his page I did one of his 7 building blocks of photography online course and I also started going to Loud and Flashy studio in my home town where they put on a monthly creative night and between the two                                                                         it got me ready to do the wedding.


By now I was starting to get hooked on photography (something I should say here I have epilepsy my trigger is stress) The wedding day came and it rained but all worked out good. Now I’m that hooked on photography can’t go a week with out using my camera even if its just in my yard. I use my photography to help with my health issues not only do I have epilepsy I also have chronic lower back pain and Osteoarthritis in most of my Joints I do photography for the it for the enjoyment it gives me and its good for reducing my stress its also something to fill my time as I’m unfortunately not able to work


If I can I would like to thank all the photographers over that have helped me over the last few years. To all the models that have given me their time and sometimes patience and allowed me to photograph them whether it be at creative nights, model day, or on location shoots thank you from the bottom of my heart and I appreciate it so much.

Thank You


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