Magazine Production

When I decided to start the magazine Photography & More, it took a while before things were sorted correctly and to decide a setup for the magazine. At the start of this year the magazine went through a revamp and a new image was established that I was happy with. The following was the set I decided on.


When I publish an Issue it takes approximately 10 hours  from start of the issue to the end of producing it. I use Magcloud to produce the magazine as it does all the orders, printing and sending out of orders. To use Magcloud you need to produce a pdf, so you need software that is capable of producing one and that works with the Magcloud. I personally use Canva but there is a cost to it, when I first started I did a private issue to check that I could do this. I had a couple of friends that ran magazines, these were a great help when I produced the very first Issue in 2021.

once I have  that sorted,  I set up a  Facebook page and posted the first theme, I then waited to see if  people posted photograph’s under the theme. Then I would choose which photos to use in the issue I try to make sure I have enough photographs for 24 page magazine, to do this I use google forms, sending a  message with link to the form to be filled in.  Then have to wait for the forms to come back, not everyone manages to return the forms, this is quite common with all magazines. Once the forms are returned then the hard work begins

The photographs have to be downloaded form the form then checked for requirements all photos need to 300 dpi and at least 2mb in size but no bigger than 25 mb. if incorrect size then I need to message the photographer and say these ae not the correct spec please resend. Once this has been done I have to decide on who to use for the cover, the photo has to be sharp and stand out from the crowd, I also usually use a portrait style shot. Once the cover is decided the photographer is  asked to send in a few more photos, head shot and bio via email.

Then each photo is put into the software and placed in the issue, along with credits for the photos. once done it is downloaded as a full pdf and then uploaded to Magcloud where it needs to be checked before going live. Once live I then send emails with link and any badges due. I also post a link on the FB page and a photo of the covers is also posted onto our  Instagram page as well.

So as you see it involves a lot and all this takes approximately10 hours in total, combined with soft ware the cost soon mounts up.


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