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Amorous Photography is a powerhouse married couple with the experience and creativity to make our photos come alive. We formed Amorous Photography when we started dating and found out we both had a love of photography and an eye for it. We love what we do, and we love to bring that love through our imagination and creativity, thus the name Amorous Photography. Amor-A word found in many languages, this one, however, is from the Latin Language meaning Love.
Sean has been photographing for over 35 years and brings a technical knowledge that allows him to make highly creative shots come to life with light, angles, and a few tricks up his sleeve. He is also a gifted body paint artist and has done many a model-up in body paint to make his creativity come alive.
Sabrina has an eye for photography that allows her to style the shot and see the end product in her mind before ever snapping a single picture. She can take simple objects and combine them to take a photo from ordinary to extraordinary with a little effort. Together they are organic photographers who go with the shoot flow and have fun doing it.

Thank You,

Sean Freeman


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