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My name is Penny and I am a 40 year old disabled mother of 2. We live in Peterborough. I first discovered photography when I was living in my family home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, when I was 18 and started taking photos of friends and family. I really enjoyed that and when I was 25 I moved to Peterborough and decided to buy my first camera, which was a Canon camera from John Lewis. I then started taking wedding photos at friends weddings and family portraits of my children and my friends children. I loved doing this so I had a look online at university courses on photography. I found a course, using a wowcher coupon, it was a level 5 university diploma in photography and I received a merit award. I now take photos at weddings, birthdays, family portraits and bump to birth photoshoots. I also love taking photos of my pets, my Japanese Akita, 6 cats and a snake.
I would love it if I could be featured on your website as this would be amazing. I think it would really help me to help people who cannot afford to pay for their special photos, as I am a free photographer, because I love to help people and put a smile on their faces, literally.
Penny Lanning
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