Amanda Whitmore Model and Photographer

Amanda is a model that also enjoys being a photographer, this is her story


Model: Amanda Whitmore

  Hello, My name is Amanda Whitmore, I am a 5′ 10″ 33 year old working mom, wife, dispatcher, photo model, and photographer. I reside in         Maine, and enjoy our small town ambiance. Modelling has been a dream of mine since I was a young child. I have been working with my life long friend, Amy J. Irwin of No Negatives Photography and have recently been published in multiple boudoir magazines. I find modelling a  wonderful way to balance family life, work, and self-care. I enjoy being in front of the camera and embracing life. My soul was set on fire after     my first boudoir session, and I quickly became drawn to modelling as well as photography. I look forward to bringing energy and passion to all of my endeavours, and modelling for multiple genres.

Photographer Amy J. Irwin of  No Negatives Photography

Amanda soon also became a photographer herself.

 Hello, I am Amanda Whitmore, owner of Joyous Moments Photography. First and foremost I am a Mother and wife, but also a dispatcher, photography model, and self taught photographer. I reside in Central Maine. I enjoy our small town ambiance, and the beautiful landscapes that it has to offer. I am new to photography and found a strong passion for it while modeling, and capturing my family’s JOYOUS MOMENTS. My two beautiful daughters have always been such an inspiration to me from the very beginning. I enjoyed capturing every single milestone they crossed. Keeping folders of ideas and inspiration without realizing how much I truly loved photography. Finally, I ventured out and started modeling for a good friend of mine and everything started to come together while coming up with ideas for shoots. It hit me. I absolutely loved photography and there was something there for me to explore.

 After realizing that I wanted to learn more about photography I spoke with my Mother, who just so happened to have a professional camera sitting around that she wanted me to practice with.  I quickly started expanding my knowledge in any way that I could. I watched numerous YouTube videos and tutorials, took some photography classes, got out and started playing with my camera. Doing so while still working a full time job. Photography opened up a whole new world for me. Others seemed to truly enjoy my creativity and knack for capturing that perfect moment. With all the support behind me, I decided to create a photography page and add a business name to it. I started booking sessions and have been so excited to see where my new journey will take me.

Though I enjoy several different genres of photography, when asked what area I specialize in, I would say portraiture. I have a strong passion for capturing one’s true beauty, their whole essence, and telling their story through my creative photos! My soul has been set on fire, capturing beautiful moments of life and freezing them in time. To me, photography is a form of art that allows me to express my creativity and desire to learn. I want to capture the world’s beauty through my lens! I look forward to bringing energy and dedication to all of my endeavors, and capturing several different genres of photography.





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