Amy Irwin Photographer

My Name is Amy Irwin, I am the owner and photographer for No Negatives Photography in Waterville, Maine.I have been a professional photographer and owned my own photography business for the last two years. While I have always had a strong interest in photography I wasn’t  pursuing all of my dreams the whole time. I had worked in the corporate world of a nationwide cell phone carrier for ten years and often felt empty, unfulfilled and burnt out.

After years of debating what to do next and not knowing what to do with myself I took a few years off as a stay at home mother. As the years went by of staying at home with school aged children again I felt unfulfilled. My husband was encouraging me to go find a new job since the kids were in school for 6 hours a day, however I knew I did not want to feel so restricted and miss out on time with my family that my previous job in the corporate world prevented me from doing. With all of my free time as a stay at home I was often able to take my children on many excursions with all my free time, and one weekend a group of friends and I without children had decided to go visit a local farm’s sunflower fields. I had mentioned to them that six years ago for my birthday my husband had purchased me a fairly decent camera that I had never used! They all decided it was time to brush the dust off from the camera and figure it out. I took photos of each family and their children and all our children together as well. I mentioned to my husband that the photos I had taken came out well so I would like to purchase photoshop to attempt to edit them.

I purchased a one year subscription to Photoshop, Lightroom and the best package I could buy. I knew I was on to something. After watching countless hours of YouTube videos, and TikTok how-tos I was finally ready to edit, while I look back now and my editing skills were questionable at that point. Those photos helped me secure my first paid jobs. Once I had uploaded the photos I had taken at the local farm everyone began to tell me how beautiful my photos were and that I really had an eye for photography. This inspired me so much, I was doing something that I loved and making people feel good about themselves through my lens and they were so happy with my vision.

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