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John Ellis

I started my photography journey when I was a youngster, borrowing my dad’s prize possession, his camera which at that time was a Kodak Instamatic. I then went on to film cameras such as the Zenith with a small 35mm lens. In those days I shot everything and anything.

I have now been involved with photography for over 15 years, using many cameras but my mainstay was Nikon. I took mainly taking seascapes, landscapes and nature shots including my favourite sunrise and sunset photography. Shooting landscapes, seascapes and nature, getting out in to beautiful Northumberland and the Borders is a very chilling and relaxing experience. I wanted to share that experience, show people what I was seeing, what the camera was seeing.

I have only moved on to people, model and dance photography in the last two years and personally I think I have found my favourite niche working with models that are not so confident in front of the camera. Seeing them develop from a shy person in front of the camera to a potential confidence boosting star. It makes me quite proud. Make me even more proud when I actually see them published in an international magazine, of which I have had a quite a few to date.

The first model and ballet dancer who more or less introduced me to photographing people was Kasey Paton and because of her enthusiasm and confidence in front of the camera it actually inspired me to shoot more.

My newest model Lauren Aimee Hanlon is not only stunning on camera she has the most amazing singing voice with 2 cds to her name, one of which is dedicated to her aunt Joanne Louise Holland who lost her battle with cancer.

I love shooting with Lauren and now her sister Bex also. The two sisters are so very different but when they are together you can not only see the love they have for each other, you can feel it, hear it in their laughter.

To date, together with Lauren, Bex and another new model, Millie, we have just had a collaboration shoot with an Italian fashion designer Tony J Sanna. The girls were dressed in specially designed wedding dresses and night gowns designed by Tony. The three girls looked absolutely stunning.

As the shoot was successful another fashion shoot is now planned, to take place within the next few weeks. As I said to the designer, “This is the photography I was meant for.”




















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