How I achieve my photography shoots by Kennedy Tessier

Photography is a way to be creative and free,

Hey I’m Kennedy Tessier. I own This Moment Photography and I want to tell you a bit about how I achieve my shoots.

so I find that being in a small town of 600 people yes it can be overwhelming because of so many people wanting to do photography, so many people who lived her before me. But I want to let you know its not hard, all you have to do is set yourself aside from the others, don’t compare yourself.

I set myself apart by having different niches than the other photographers, I’m big into empowerment, I love helping us women be able to express ourselves. So for now I have my vision,


I look through what photos I have done and then sit down and think of way to make my sessions creative and different and I execute this by posting models calls on Facebook. Then I send contracts and model releases and then we go to the location and I shoot my heart out.

I make sure I am helping my giving posing, getting the  right angles and  make sure that I have all my settings correct. Then I go home and edit through and make sure I use my presets to create my style.

Then once finished with editing and culling, sorting and making sure I have all my images I’m wanting.  I will then create a gallery and put the edited images in and give them social and orginal. Social is for their Facebook and Instagram. Then I also give them originals so they can print the their beautiful images and have them hanging in their house if they wish.


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