Action-Packed Scenes with Your Sports Camera

• A collection of sports cameras you can buy online at a reasonable price
• Capturing sports action in detail using an appropriate sports camera
• Getting rid of ordinary cameras in favor of sports cameras for those action scenes

You can’t just use any type of camera when it comes to sports. There are scenes in sports that need a special type of camera for you to capture details that are necessary to the action. A sports camera is not just your typical photography gadget; it has features that you can’t find with other cameras.


One of the interesting features of a sports camera is that you can capture movements without distorting the image. Ordinary cameras are incapable of capturing these types of scenes because the moment you capture them, certain elements in the picture began to disintegrate because they are not designed to capture moving objects, only static ones.

Sports cameras come in different shapes and sizes; they also come with different tools as well. There’s this sports camera that can capture scenes underwater, there are sports cameras, too, that has high-definition optical zoom, perfect for those detailed shots, aside from those handy cameras that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Don’t be feeling disappointed after when you found out about the limitations of your ordinary camera. A sufficient sports camera will do the trick, as always, when you try to preserve important events and moments through sports.

You can get an affordable sports camera online, with features that enable you to come up with action-packed scenes from a sporting event. Present your pictures this time with a touch of the adventure, and what better way to come up with that kind of image if you can use a sports camera that suits your style and mood.

Don’t just settle with that age-old gadget when capturing sports scenes, use that sports camera right away, and be the sports photographer you’ve always wanted to be.

Love All Things Vintage | Connecticut Wedding Photographer

My favorite weekend activity (if I am not photographing a wedding) is to go tag sale-ing. Or strolling over a flea market.


I am OBSESSED with all things VINTAGE. I just love that shabby chic look and feel. There is a certain coziness that comes with vintage furniture or items. This, too, is why I had to put old beams from our barn into our house – to make it warm and cozy. Our house is stuffed with cool vintage items: we have an awesome little vintage buffet (from an estate sale in Germany), a little vintage sofa (which Brooke found at a consignment store on Cape Cod) a vintage dining table (which my dad actually built when he was in this early 30′s), vintage candle holder, vintage vases, vintage picture frames…. I guess you are getting the point: I love all things vintage.

This said, you can only imagine how much I enjoyed today’s vintage photo session for a very cool new store in Fairfield which will open its doors early next year. I am not giving it away yet – but so much can be revealed – all brides that are looking to add a vintage/whimsically, shabby chic look and feel to their wedding – this will be THE place for you! And you won’t have to break the bank either!! So come and check back in for more information about this amazing new store soon.

Wedding Ring Photos | CT Wedding Photographer

I will never forget the day (and by now it has been over 10 years ag0) when my photography professor walked into the workshop to give us a new assignment – this one being to photograph rings.  I remember being little thrilled at first, but once I started the assignment I realized that there is almost no limit to ring shots and that you have endless opportunities to “play” with colors, shades and compositions. Rings look good on almost any surface and when the light hits the diamond in the right angle, you get this amazing sparkle and shimmer that is so much fun to capture.


Little did I know back then that one day I would be photographing sparkly amazing wedding rings almost every weekend during wedding season – coming up with new compositions and backgrounds every time. And yes – I still take great pleasure in taking these detail photos. When bride, groom and guests are enjoying their food I “sneak” away to capture this shot. And usually I try to incorporate the theme or atmosphere of the wedding into the ring shot. May it be a nautical theme where I use a miniature boat or a globe, may it be a wedding with lots of candles and lights where I will incorporate some light reflections into the ring shot or may it be a garden wedding where the barge of a tree or some flowers serve as my ring background.

The Riverhouse Haddam, CT – Colleen and Matt | CT Wedding Photographer

Saturday morning, 5:00 am – my alarm goes off – and it’s annoyingly loud. Is this a bad dream or is someone playing a trick on me? It’s still pitch black outside. First instinctive reaction – let’s turn that loud thing off and get back to my sweet dreams. Second reaction – it’s Colleen and Matt’s wedding day and Brooke from Brooke Allison Photo will be here before I know it to pick me up. So out of bed and under the shower I go – and yes, that cold shower woke me right up 🙂

We arrive at Colleen’s house a little after 6:30am – still really early. The door opens and out comes Colleen with the biggest smile on her face. The house is filled with make-up artists, stylists, mom, sister, bridesmaids… and I honestly do not remember the last time I saw so many people being so happy and all smiles at 6:30 in the morning. Wow, what a good start into the day! And what was even more amazing to me – the same people were still smiling and going crazy 9 hours later on the dance floor.

You don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself:


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