Exporting Presets with Lightroom Fanatic

  • Exporting presets via Lightroom fanatic
  • Showcasing your photography style through your exported presets
  • Storing presets in a catalog for purposes of exporting them

You would not hesitate to export these presets with Lightroom fanatic, even if you’re a budding photographer. Lightroom fanatic’s export presets are some of the best tools you can get out of Lightroom. These presets not only enhance the quality of your photos, but it also saves you enough resources as well.


Lightroom fanatic has a collection of free presets. And if you’re a wise photographer, you would not miss that kind of opportunity, enhancing the quality of your photos without spending too much. That is what these Lightroom fanatic’s export presets bring to the table.

Lightroom fanatic is not just your typical photography companion online. They offer deals that enable you to maximize the beauty of your photographs, like incorporating appropriate presets to it, or even adding keywords to your images for purposes of safekeeping them.

But Lightroom fanatic’s export presets allow you to raise the ante of photo editing. It comes with a catalog, where you can store these images and files. You don’t have to use DropBox or Google Drive anymore for them, as soon as you use it, you can store it within and no need to copy them across different systems.

Exporting these presets, however, makes you more of a professional photographer than just a mere enthusiast. This allows you to share your own style, since you can actually create your own set of presets through experimentation, and increases your chances of getting that recognition, out of using these presets, of course. So these Lightroom fanatic’s export presets improve your chances of being recognized as an artist or a photographer for that matter.

Exporting presets, nonetheless, is an indication that Lightroom fanatic allows you to showcase your photography style to everyone. Now, that’s certainly awesome for a budding photographer like you.

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